17 NOVEMBER 2022

9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

The Cotton Factory
270 Sherman Avenue North
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 6N4

Technologies for a better world. A gathering of change-makers.


PIVOT will highlight the role of new and emerging technologies helping address complex challenges facing communities at a time of uncertainty and change. Featured areas of technology will include communication, transportation, healthcare and security. The program will consider the benefits of technology in developing livable cities, the need for human-centred approaches to technological innovation, and the safeguards required to protect the world’s fragile ecosystems. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with game changing technologies, learn from leading thinkers, designers and practitioners, and discover ways to engage in high-tech advances shaping society.


PIVOT will demonstrate how the disciplines of arts and design intersect with science, engineering and technology to help tackle city-building challenges in new and creative ways. Arts and design bring meaning, magic and identity to communities thirsty for beauty and connection. They help us perceive the world with fresh eyes, build bridges among people, and provoke positive change. The program will involve a range of artists and designers fluent in the use of technology and active in community development, new media and creative expression. Attendees will have an opportunity to experience examples of arts and design that incorporate new technologies and hear the stories of people and projects redefining life in local communities.


PIVOT will provide a forum to discover the power of creativity – the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking and acting to develop new and original ideas, methods and objects. Creativity fuels the innovations required to build healthy, prosperous and resilient organizations and communities. It is a skill that can be learned and applied to solve difficult problems. The program will dive into the theory of creativity, showcase the cognitive science informing our understanding of creative thinking, and showcase examples of creativity applied to technology, arts and design, and city-building. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about different methods used to unlock one’s imagination and personal creativity.

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This year’s symposium is devoted to how technology and the arts fuelled by creativity are being applied to help address five complex challenges:

Mobility — New and emerging ways to move people and goods in a low-carbon world increasingly interconnected by smart digital technologies.

Shelter — Innovations to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing designed to enhance the human experience and foster environmental sustainability.

Culture — Pushing the creative boundaries of music, film and gaming using new technologies and ways of interacting.

Belonging — Novel approaches that help strengthen healthy connections among people of all ages at a time of growing social isolation and a crumbling public square.

Safety and Security — Advances in the design and application of technologies and systems intended to protect life, property and heritage in an era of global instability.