Where Technology, Arts & Creativity Meets

17 NOVEMBER 2022

9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

The Cotton Factory
270 Sherman Avenue North
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 6N4

Technologies for a better world. A gathering of change makers.

Cybersecurity: Overcoming threats to build a safer and more secure world.

In an age of global connectivity enabled by digital devices and smart systems, how do we defend against malicious cyber attacks that threaten our infrastructure, supply chains and democratic institutions? What can businesses large and small do to protect their people and assets? Who are the innovators and educators at the forefront of cybersecurity and what’s next in the innovation and technology pipeline?

Building ecosystems to grow tech success stories.

What are leading institutions, communities and regions doing to create a dynamic environment needed to promote the open exchange of ideas, seed new tech companies, and stimulate quality jobs and prosperity? How can entrepreneurs and organizations plug into local, national and global networks to build a customer base and scale their businesses? What is being done to accelerate the adoption of new technologies defining the future of smart cities?

Creativity as a catalyst for change and problem solving.

Addressing today’s most pressing challenges demands new ways of thinking, interacting and behaving. What can we learn from the creative industries to help us reframe problems and unlock possibilities? How are creative technologies from the worlds of film, arts and entertainment being applied to reimagine manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and other sectors? How can organizations and communities use technologies and play spaces to nurture the creative talents of individuals and teams?

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