At PIVOT TECH, we’ve made it our mission to be at the forefront of transformative change. Our journey began in 2022 when we launched this annual gathering as a local platform with a global vision. Our aim is clear: to drive solutions for complex global challenges through the power of technology.

Our core objectives? They’re simple yet profound. We’re here to foster collaboration, ignite action, and shine a brilliant spotlight on Hamilton’s remarkable ascent as a nucleus of technological innovation and burgeoning business opportunities. 

Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 14, as we anticipate the convergence of over 300 attendees from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Our chosen venue, the Cotton Factory, isn’t just a space; it’s history and innovation woven together. Once a historic textile mill in central Hamilton, the Cotton Factory has been reborn as a vibrant hub for the creative industries and a dynamic community event space. It stands as a living case study in renewable energy and cutting-edge digital connectivity.

Our program is meticulously designed to cater to individuals and teams entrusted with the monumental task of decarbonizing their organizations, sectors, or communities. But it doesn’t end there. Our content also resonate with visionary leaders, readying their organizations to navigate the impending waves of transformative disruption. Our ultimate objective is simple: to connect those in search of solutions with those equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future.

Join us in this resounding call to action! Together, we are taking bold strides to combat greenhouse gas emissions through technological innovation and immediate action. And in doing so, we are cultivating an environment that fuels not only sustainable growth but also job creation in the green economy—an impact that resonates far beyond the boundaries of Hamilton.

Our Team

Robert Zeidler

Robert Zeidler is an entrepreneur and community leader based in Hamilton. He is the owner of the Cotton Factory, a historic textile mill transformed into a vibrant hub for creative industries and community events. With a passion for revitalizing spaces and fostering innovation, Robert has created a dynamic environment that supports local businesses and artists.

In addition to his contributions to the creative and cultural scene in Hamilton, Robert Zeidler is also the founder of the PIVOT Tech conference. This forward-thinking conference brings together experts and innovators to address crucial global challenges, with a focus on technologies and strategies to achieve decarbonization.

Richard Allen

Richard Allen is a seasoned partnership broker specializing in sustainable development through interdisciplinary collaboration. Serving as a Community Engagement Consultant in the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology at McMaster University, he helps establish and support connections between academia and the wider community.

In his capacity as the Program Lead for this year’s PIVOT TECH Conference, Richard has applied his expertise to assemble content that speaks to pressing global challenges in the race to decarbonize buildings, industry and transportation. His commitment to showcasing viable low-carbon solutions to powering our world is helping shape a conference experience devoted to
transformative change.

Annette Paiement

Annette Paiement is a dynamic leader and visionary whose work in arts, culture, and the environment has impacted placemaking in Hamilton and the GTA. In her role as the Managing Director at CoWork and Curator of the Cotton Factory, she helped launch a dynamic coworking space and has led special projects that have helped to transform this historic textile mill into a thriving epicentre for creativity, innovation, and community engagement in Hamilton.

Beyond her accomplishments at the Cotton Factory, Annette serves as the Conference Lead for the PIVOT Tech Conference. Her dedication to environmental sustainability and unparalleled organizational skills have been instrumental in orchestrating this vital conference, which explores cutting-edge decarbonization technologies and strategies.