The four breakouts in the Industry Stream are:

1. Circular Manufacturing ~
Learn how companies bring materials back into the economy instead of discarding them.

Speakers Circular ~ Manufacturing

Greg Zilberbrant, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, W. Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology, McMaster University and Founder, Beyond21 Academy

2. Future of Hydrogen ~ An overview of efforts to develop a market for hydrogen in the Greater Hamilton Region and beyond.

3. Decarbonizing Steelmaking in Hamilton ~ Hear about the progress of a game-changing decarbonization project.

Speakers ~

Bilal Sheikh, Decarbonizing Strategy Lead, ArcelorMittal Dofasco | Graeme Scott, Programme Leader, Energy and CO2, ArcellorMittal Dofasco

4. Decarbonizing Small Size Manufacturers ~ Sample case studies demonstrating SMEs’ actions to adopt low-carbon technologies and processes.

Program content may be subject to change.