Meet our CoHosts

Introducing Pivot CoHosts

Khadija Hamidu and Madi Fuller

Khadija and Madi will guide our audiences throughout the day through an incredible schedule of Keynote Speakers and Panelists.

Madi Fuller is a teacher, student and Hamilton community member. She currently leads early talent and campus recruitment at Wealthsimple where she connects with early career professionals. Madi is also an instructor at Niagara College. She is completing her Master’s at the University of Toronto in Adult Education and Community Development (with a specialization in Workplace Learning and Social Change) part-time.

Khadija Hamidu, Executive Director of Workforce Planning Hamilton and Founder of Melanin Market Hamilton.
Khadija is a community developer in the Hamilton Region focusing on community connections, Black creative expression and ownership while envisioning a prosperous and diverse Hamilton community. She has worked with Hamilton not-for-profit organizations such as the SPRC, Community Living, YMCAHBB, and Wesley.

Khadija plans on continuing to foster community partnerships and collaborations from an equitable and inclusive Labour Market lens.