Speaker Spotlight

Special Presentation 

This dynamic duo recently opened a research space in Hamilton. They will share the work they have been doing with VibraFusionLab.

VibraFusionLab has been working with technology to convert sound to vibration to be used for both Deaf and hearing audiences to enhance and make accessible performances and installations. In their presentation, they will outline some of their recent work and the technology they have been developing.


Jim Ruxton has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. He works as an artist and engineer in installation, performance, theatre, dance and film and collaborates with many other artists to realize their technically ambitious projects. As a member of Vibrafusion Lab, he has been developing new systems to help bring vibrotactile technology into the world. Jim was co-founder of the Subtle Technologies Festival, a Toronto-based event bringing together artists and scientists to share their techniques, tools and concepts.

David Bobier is hard of hearing and a disabled media artist whose creative practice is researching and developing vibrotactile technology as a creative medium. In 2014 he established VibraFusionLab, a multi-media, multi-sensory centre with an international reputation as a leader in accessibility for the Deaf and Disability Arts movement. He is a Co-Founder, past Chair and current Board Member of the London Ontario Media Arts Association and past Board member of Media Arts Network Ontario.

Through VibraFusionLab, Bobier supports the creation of new accessible art forms that focus on inclusive technologies that have the potential to expand art-making practices and investigate new experiences of sensory accessibility for artists and audiences of all abilities.

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